Solar energy

   Romania has a significant potential for producing energy from solar/PV sources. This kind of technology could be an important part of the energy mixture Romania is aiming to achieve in the upcoming years. The level of irradiation in the south of Romania, which covers more than half of the country’s surface, is similar to the one encountered in countries with a tradition in developing solar/PV projects: Spain, Italy, Greece etc. What Romania offers comparing to other European states is not only similar weather conditions, but a more attractive support scheme, as well as economic stability, very skilled technical personnel and in general a friendly business environment.

   Romania was one of the most promising emerging markets for photovoltaic energy investments amongst SEE countries.

   Along with the stimulation of the investment in renewable energy sector by approving GC promoting system, Romania has developed initially difficult, then with high speed, the renewable solar energy segment.

   So, if at the end of 2013 in Romania were developed solar capacity of only a few tens of MW, at the end of 2014 were put into operation no less than 1.200 MW.

   Today, even with the negative changes in the legal framework of Romania, the system of promoting the renewable resources offers 3 GC per each MWh obtained from photovoltaic energy.

   Once the Law for supporting the projects with installed capacity less than 500 kW will be promulgated, it is expected that the photovoltaic sector to continue the development.