About us

   Romanian Renewable Energy Association – ROREA  is a professional non-profit, independent & non-governmental Association having as purpose the establishment and support of a common position of its members in matters related to renewable electricity.

   The Association promotes the development of this market segment, considering that environment, sustainable growth, energy efficiency and social responsibility are basic rules and criterias of the European Union.

   Including all types of renewable energy, ROREA aims to be the “voice” of renewable energy producers, private or governmental companies; to provide expertise in renewable energy and regulatory framework that contributes to the business success of our members.

   Also, Romanian Renewable Energy Association, in order to sustain business development of its members, provides advice and enables the relationship with the competent Romanian Authorities in the energy sector.

   ROREA aims to be a ” different kind of association “, a little unusual in a society that is used with the kind of associations established with the sole purpose of informing its members about legislative news and organizing workshops after which the result is always missing.